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Monday, April 22, 2013

Walk Adventure

A few weeks ago I was medically cleared to resume my walking routine. Although I'm bummed out that I can't return to the gym yet, being able to walk through the neighborhood has done wonders for my psyche. I have come to relish the "me" time that meandering through the neighborhood affords me. I used to feel guilty about walking by myself, but I have come to realize that I am a better mom and a happier person when I take a little time for myself each day. 

With both boys occupied with various activities, yesterday afternoon I grabbed my headphones and my cell phone and headed out the door. It was chilly (only 50 degrees) but the sun was shining brightly against the brilliant blue sky. It didn't take long for me to become lost in my thoughts as I walked along my normal route.

Turning down the final cul-de-sac, a large dog barking brought me back to reality. I looked up, expecting to wave or exchange pleasantries with a neighbor. At first I didn't see anybody and I continued with my route.

The dog just didn't stop barking! I quickened my pace as I walked by the house, hoping to move out of his territory to stop the yapping, but as I looked over my shoulder, I saw something that literally stopped me in my tracks.

It took a few moments for me to fully absorb what I was seeing, but soon it became clear that I was not mistaken. Lying by the front door of the home I saw a completely naked, extremely pregnant woman. She was curled in the fetal position, but there was no doubt that she was not wearing any clothes. Her arm was pink from the sun, but she seemed oblivious to the large dog barking in front of her. 

I immediately felt a surge of panic. I didn't want to be a nosy neighbor, but the entire situation seemed unnatural. I couldn't come up with one reason a woman would be lying, naked and pregnant, in front of her front door. She wasn't moving and I became nervous.

The large dog kept me from approaching; the last thing I needed was to be mauled by an unknown canine! After a quick call to both my Mom and Scott, it became obvious that I needed to call the police. Something wasn't right, and this woman might be in trouble. I made the call.

Before I made it home, I was passed by police cars and an ambulance zooming down the street. Scott hopped on his scooter to try to gather information. He saw her propped up and covered with a blanket. After about 20 minutes the ambulance left, the sirens and lights providing a clue that she was inside. 

I have no idea what happened to her or why she was lying naked outside. I've been trying to rationalize what I saw, but I can't for the life of me think of a benign reason she would be in that situation. Something was obviously wrong, and I hope that she is okay! Although I hate calling 911, I know that it was probably the best thing I could have done in that situation.

I have been shaky since I stumbled upon this lady. I am worried about her condition and continue to wonder why she was outside naked. So much for my nice relaxing walk. I would have fared emotionally better on the couch, eating a cupcake. 

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