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Friday, June 14, 2013

Award Ceremony

Seeing Robby dressed up yesterday took my breath away. He was the perfect mixture between the adorable little boy that he is with hints of the young man he is becoming. I thought that he would whine and lament about having to wear his "fancy" clothes, instead he surprised me by fully embracing the opportunity to dress up. He strutted into his school for the Awards Ceremony exuding confidence and happiness. I dutifully followed, schlepping the cake, camera and an overflowing bag full of assorted paper products. 

Although I was fully prepared for an emotional morning, I surprised myself by not crying. I think I was at the point where I was emotionally disengaged from the school, the parents and the administration. To be honest, I was also nervous (although I never let it show) about seeing the father who confronted me about my prosthesis being visible.The prospect of another confrontation has been nagging in the back of my mind, and I simply wanted to get through this event without an incident. Although I dreaded another heated and hurtful exchange, I never cowered to his demands, and yesterday I wore a beautiful new dress that fell softly against my bedazzled carbon fiber socket.

Robby smiled from ear to ear throughout the various presentations.  I was beaming when his name was called to receive the "Student Citizen of the Year" award. Hearing the staff praise Robby's interactions with various students throughout the year was wonderful affirmation that he is a compassionate and strong child. I couldn't be prouder of him!

Not only did he receive the award for citizenship, but he was also bestowed with the "Future Builder of Great Things" award. Many of his projects from the year were featured in the slideshow presentation. Although Robby likes the citizenship award, he is perhaps more excited about the distinction he earned by building and creating.

After the ceremony, the students and their guests all dispersed to their respective classrooms for a party. At this point I saw the offended father on the other side of the room. The looks of repulsion and disdain that he exuded let me know that he was not happy, nor had he gotten over the fact that my prosthesis is still visible. I decided to smile, and proceeded to spend the rest of the party ignoring the entire family.

I did happen to overhear their little girl lament to the teacher that she didn't receive an award. She proclaimed that she deserved the "Best Dressed Student" award (which is non-existent).  I couldn't help but think that this child is already demonstrating the shallow tendencies of her father!

Thankfully the event unfolded without the confrontations and drama that I feared. Robby loved the well-earned recognition and accolades. We both left the school, skipping and singing, although I'm fairly certain our reasons were different. 


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