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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Meanie Moms

The drive to school yesterday morning was dramatically different than the drive we took on his first day. In September we both cried for much of the drive. Yesterday Robby was so happy that he couldn't contain his smile. He giggled and sang songs the entire trip.

Today we will go back to the school for the final time. The school is having an award ceremony and Robby is being honored. He has been chosen to receive the "Student Citizen" Award for the year. I could not be more proud of this distinction!

Robby has no qualms standing up for himself and for others. He doesn't tolerate bullying and instinctively speaks up and intervenes when he recognizes it. His teachers have told me stories about my little crusader protecting his classmates, returning snatched items and his making sure that everybody is included in the chosen activity. The "Cool Kid Koopa Club," which Robby started as an alternative to excluding classmates, remained strong throughout the school year. 

It is hard standing up to a bully and I know that I don't possess Robby's confidence and gumption. Yesterday I listened to a group of parents revel in the tales of making the classroom teacher uncomfortable. Standing in the parking lot, I was left speechless listening to the name calling, judgmental and hurtful comments that were spewed about the teacher whom Robby loves. The Meanie Moms laughed and actually exchanged high fives when one proudly proclaimed that she made the teacher cry!

Instead of speaking up, I remained silent. These Moms were proud of their bullying the teacher and instead of defending her, I made an excuse to leave the conversation. The fact that Robby is receiving an award for doing the exact opposite is an irony that has not been lost on me. This will never happen again.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon yesterday kicking myself for not speaking up. I felt bad for the teacher who has been dedicated and loving all year. Robby is so lucky to have been placed in her classroom. Knowing that she was nursing hurt feelings from the Meanie Moms, I sat down and wrote a long letter to accompany the end of the year gift. I know that I cannot undo the pain that has been caused by the other parents, but I needed to let her know that she is valued, appreciated and admired. 

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