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Monday, June 17, 2013

New School Picnic

Friday morning Robby and I visited his classroom for the final time so that I could retrieve all of the items I had loaned the teacher throughout the year. Our "quick trip" turned into a morning project. I lent more than I realized throughout the course of the school year; it took me four trips to take everything home!

In the afternoon we went to visit his school for next year because the Principal sent us an invitation to the end of the year picnic celebration. I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to begin to acclimate Robby to the new school and hopefully introduce him to many of his classmates for next year. I was optimistic that seeing the new school and meeting his teacher would go a long way to squelch the anxieties which I am sure will manifest as September approaches.

Robby and I were both nervous as we prepared to go to the picnic. He was worried that his new teacher wouldn't be nice, and I was apprehensive about mingling with the parents. Although I realize it is absurd and that I shouldn't care what people think, I was concerned about being ostracized because of my prosthesis. Together, Robby and I gathered our courage, put on clean clothes and headed to the new school picnic.

Although we were nervous during the drive, we quickly became comfortable. Robby's teacher met us in the parking lot, took him by the hand and showed him the school. I could see Scared Robby morph into my typical little boy as he spent more time with his teacher.  It was comforting seeing their interactions, and I had a sense of peace that I had made a good choice for Robby. I loved watching him smile broadly when his new teacher revealed that she also likes cats and turtles.

As Robby was being introduced to many of his new classmates, I spotted a little girl with a limb loss. Imagine the irony! Last year I was asked to disguise my disability, and now he is going to be enrolled in a school with an amputee child. Robby was delighted to see her prosthesis and, although they didn't have a chance to connect because of the commotion, he was excited to see her and has been chatting nonstop about meeting her.

We both left the school excited about the placement for next year. Robby is looking forward to spending time in the cool classroom (which happens to be painted his favorite color of yellow), and I was thrilled to witness the laid back and comfortable exchanges between the parents and the staff. Everybody whom I met reaffirmed that this was a great school and that Robby would thrive. I don't want to rush through the summer, but I know that when September comes, Robby and I will both be ready to tackle the new school. And if we aren't I'll just refer to this blog to remind me that it is a good change!

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