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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer To Do

I have officially declared this the "Summer of Awesome!" Although I have to work, I am hoping that by waking early, I'll be finished with the majority of my work for the day by 1:00. No doubt I'll be exhausted by the time Labor Day rolls around, but hopefully we'll have some wonderful memories as well!

Robby is at an age where he loves playing with his neighborhood friends. The brood tends to travel between houses on the weekend with the only restriction being that they not leave our street. He loves the independence that he is afforded, and I have been able to work on projects because he has not been underfoot.

Unfortunately all of his neighborhood friends will be gone for the majority of the summer. Rowan and her brother are traveling to Iowa where they will stay until August. The new neighbors will be going to India for several weeks. Robby will again be the only child in the neighborhood which means that unless we have activities planned, he will quickly become bored.

I have redirected my dream of having a swimming pool. After the expense and heartache of last year's pool failure, I decided to avoid disaster and look for other options. Last August I discovered that there is a wonderful community swimming pool only 10 minutes from my house. Robby and I went there for an afternoon and had a great time. I was impressed with the cleanliness and the variety of water activities that were offered. Had I known that the pool was there last May, I probably wouldn't have a useless platform sitting in the middle of my backyard. In any case, our family now has a membership to the pool, and I plan on taking full advantage of the opportunity!

When I am not lounging poolside or swimming with Robby, I'm hoping that we will be able to embark on some day trips. Pulled over from last summer's list, touring DC in a double-decker bus remains a high priority this year. We live so close to the Nation's Capital, it is pathetic that we have not yet taken Robby on a proper tour!

I'm also hoping to take Robby fishing on a boat, although I'm not sure of any specifics. I just know that he loves fishing and would thoroughly enjoy the experience. I also want to go to the aquarium in Baltimore (at least once more to pay for the season passes I bought last year) and perhaps visit the Science Center in Richmond.

I realize I say this every June, but I really want to take Robby to the Jersey shore. I used to spend my summers at the beach, and some of my fondest childhood memories involve walking along the boardwalk. I want him to experience the same smells, sights and sounds that I so vividly remember!

Between working, going to the pool, visiting family and friends, and day excursions, the summer schedule is looking full. I can't wait to see what adventures lie ahead in the coming weeks. I'm going to do my best to make it both fun and memorable. After all, I know that the amount of time he wants to spend with his parents will decrease greatly as he gets older.

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