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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Walk On

The warmer weather coupled with my healed limb and perfectly fitting prosthesis have allowed me to resume my daily walks. Although I originally started walking as a means to become fit and to lose weight, I've come to realize that the daily jaunts are more beneficial for my psyche than my waistline. I enjoy the solitude of quietly strolling through my neighborhood, listening to music and escaping my own worries and thoughts for awhile. I'm a much happier person, and a better Mom, when I allow myself time to decompress.

As I was walking yesterday I began to think about my friends. So many people whom I care about are dealing with constant infections and pain. It is a helpless feeling when there is nothing that can be done to ease pain and frustrations of my friends, and I feel inadequate when all I can do is offer a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to cry on.

When it comes to secondary health issues, I have been blessed. I'm living without my foot, but I am not in a constant battle with infections, sores and relentless pain. When I am without my leg, I'm miserable primarily because it happens so rarely I have become accustomed to a bi-legged life. Too many of my amputee friends have been unable to utilize their prosthesis for years, and when they are able to wear it, they can use it only sporadically. I cannot fathom the frustrations that they feel.

Yesterday, between my dedicated walk and my normal ambulation throughout the day, I logged over 9 miles. I am so incredibly lucky that I am physically able to be as active as I am, and I realize that my status can change at any time. Thankfully, I've never had infection issues, but I am prone to limb breakdown which can sideline my activities. Hopefully my paranoid vigilance about limb health will help thwart any issues from developing, but I also realize that luck plays a part.

My friends are not battling issues because they were negligent. For whatever reason, they have been dealt a bad hand and are trying to make the best of it. At times I become frustrated with the inconveniences of living with a limb loss, but I try to never take my mobility for granted. I live with the reality that I can be rendered immobile at anytime, so I am going to keep trying to soak in every moment of my daily walks.

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  1. Hi Peggy,

    I met an amputee (LAK) yesterday that must make use of crutches because he could not afford a prosthetic. Do you happen to know of an agency that could help him with financial assistance regarding a prosthetic? Thanks.

    ~ Hilton : ^ )