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Friday, July 05, 2013

Celebrate? Nah!

This past week has been constant action. It began with me in Orlando working at the conference and attempting to deliver a motivational speech. From there I flew to Ohio where I attended my husband's family picnic and spent time with my in-laws. Our first day home happened to coincide with my ten year Ampuversary which was wrought with emotion. To add insult to an already difficult day, a swarm of yellow jackets decided to become intimate while attacking me. Any modesty I was feigning evaporated when I ended up in the emergency room with my feet in stirrups as a team of doctors debated if all of the stingers had been removed. 

Yesterday was the Fourth of July, and to be honest, I really didn't care. It only took my boys seeing me waddle down the hallway to realize that there was not going to be any Yankee Doodling in our house!  After spending much of the morning fidgeting to find a comfortable sitting position, I finally gave up and we headed to the pool. Despite the crowds, we had a great time. As a bonus, the cool water felt wonderful against the tracker jacker welts. For the first time since the assault, I wasn't in pain.

We decided to forgo our tradition of crashing a neighboring town's picnic, and spent the evening relaxing at home. I just couldn't fathom sitting on the grass and contending with bugs and the heat. Although we missed the fireworks, a quiet night at home was just what we needed. I did soothe Robby's disappointment by picking up a small assortment of fireworks which we can detonate at my Mom's house. Thankfully it didn't take long for him to accept that we had to wait to set them off.  After all, pyrotechnics and living in the woods do not mix.

While we did not participate in our traditional Fourth of July traditions, we had a nice day. Swimming in the afternoon and spending the evening doing nothing holiday oriented was just what we needed. I rationalized that sometimes traditions need to be broken, especially when the obligation of participation becomes a source of stress and frustration. We had an uneventful holiday and that is okay with me!

I plan on spending the majority of the weekend at the pool, seeking relief from the pain and itchiness of the stings while playing with Robby. Hopefully my melancholy mood will start to become more upbeat and cheerful. The pain from the stings, coupled with the emotions surrounding my Ampuversary and extreme exhaustion from traveling, have worn me down. The warm and happy sunshine, coupled with the healing properties of the cool pool water, will help to lift my spirits!

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