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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ready to Rumble...

It took me two days to work through the mountain of laundry that we accumulated during our vacation. I'm not positive but I'm fairly certain that my house became dirtier in our absence. Only after being home for a few days did I realize the dirt, cobwebs and clutter that had accumulated. Needless to say, after conquering the housework and laundry, I feel like I'm ready for another vacation!

I think that part of blame for my post vacation fatigue lies with my leg. The past few days have been uncomfortable, but I can't say that I've been in pain. Rather, I find myself acutely aware of each step I take. The bottom of my limb is sore and my knee feels weak as if it is going to buckle especially when I'm walking up stairs.

It didn't take long for me to problem solve my limb issue, but unfortunately the only thing that will help is time and rest. I spent the lion share of last week logging miles of walking on my water leg. Although it is great in the pool, it is certainly not designed for long distance ambulating. The socket is old (fabricated six years ago) and doesn't provide an ideal fit. I never bothered to get it changed because the buoyancy of the pool kept me from fully appreciating how uncomfortable the leg had become. It wasn't until I logged several miles a day trying to wear it that I realized the degree that my leg had become outdated.

The toes of the rubber foot have rotted away further compromising my gait. The ankle is fixed, and I have to lift from my hip in order to take a step. For some reason my knee slightly hyper extends with each step. Although it doesn't bother me during short distances, such as getting into and out of the pool, it became exhausting and painful after walking throughout the resort.

Right now my leg is angry with me for wearing an ill-fitting and broken leg. I know that it will feel better in a few days, but I admit that I'm frustrated. I know that these thoughts aren't productive, but at this moment I wish that I didn't have to deal with prosthetic issues.

Because I have no intention of avoiding water activities, I am starting the process for a new water leg. As if my aggravations with my current situation weren't great enough, I'm sure that my insurance adjustor Elsie will contribute to my frustrations. As far as I can tell, her real talent lies with wielding the "Denial" stamp. I guess we'll see who wins because I'm ready to fight.

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