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Thursday, August 08, 2013


Robby and I just came home after a wonderful mini-vacation at my Mom's house. Almost as soon as I saw her, I realized that I've been feeling homesick and didn't know it. Robby was just as excited to see his Nana, and relished in her undivided attention and doting. After all, where else can he have waffles in bed and noodles for dessert!

As I was driving home yesterday, it dawned on me how very lucky I am to be able to pack up on a whim and travel. If I worked a traditional office job, my impromptu vacation would have been limited to the weekend or would not have been possible. Because my work requires only a secure internet connection, easily attainable thanks to my Hotspot Shield VPN, I am able to travel without missing project deadlines or emails. I love the flexibility that my jobs afford me, and it is a benefit I will never take for granted!

Spending the past few days with my Mom was both relaxing and fun. We went shopping, which is always an adventure when I'm with my Mom. She makes me giggle over the smallest things, and I can't help but feel uplifted and happy when we are together. We even fit in some much appreciated pool time (thanks to her friend, Mrs. Sager), where Robby was able to play, splash and expend some energy.

Perhaps the best part of visiting my Mom occurs in the mornings when I am treated to delicious treats. I thoroughly enjoyed the blueberry muffins and coffee cake that was freshly baked in the mornings. My diet went out the window as I allowed myself to indulge. I never imagined that I would find somebody else cooking meals to feel like a luxury. 

Of course all good things much come to an end, and yesterday Robby and I loaded up the car and headed home. My little guy cried for the first 30 minutes of our drive home, lamenting that he was going to miss his Nana and making me promise that we would return soon. He is just like me; he becomes comfortable and hates change.

Robby and Scott were virtually inseparable last night with Robby insisting that they play every XBox game while filling his Daddy in on all of our adventures while we were away. As much fun as he had visiting my Mom, there was no doubt that he was happy to be back at home. It is nice to be home, but I am certainly going to miss being spoiled by my Mom!

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