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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Lesson through Baking

Today I will avoid watching television opting instead to tune into the Waltons' marathon. I simply can't handle being bombarded with the seemingly endless retrospectives of September 11, 2001, a day which remains a horrific memory. I understand that some may take solace in watching the analysis shows, video clips and now antiquated videos, but for me they provide no comfort. I don't plan on forgetting; I just don't need to be inundated with the tragedy.

When Robby was born, I struggled to find a way to teach him about the attacks without violating his sense of security. Scott and I both believe that it is imperative that Robby understand and respect what happened, but instilling terror is not necessary. After much thought I ended up doing what comes natural: we baked.

Each year Robby and I bake cookies on September 11 which we deliver to our local firehouse. While we are baking we talk about the tragedy, keeping the conversation age appropriate. At this point, Robby knows that many innocent people died, including a lot of first responders. We deliver cookies because the firefighters are sad on that day because so many of their co-workers died. I always assumed that he would eventually learn the gravity of the events but felt strongly that I did not need to expose him to the horror at such a young age.

Yesterday Robby's class was discussing the attacks from September 11th. I wasn't surprised when I learned that Robby chimed in and explained our cookie tradition. Apparently his classmates and teacher loved the idea and they have decided to embark on their own cookie baking project. Tomorrow his whole class will be baking cookies in honor of the victims of September 11. Local firefighters will be going to his school to receive the cookies and to allow the students to tour the trucks.  Robby is as proud as can be that our family tradition is being adopted by his school. He is also thrilled that he will be able to tour the firetrucks again. 

According to his teacher, Robby told his class that we bake cookies because "the best way to remember those who died is by showing other heroes that they are important." If he has to learn a lesson from September 11, 2001, I am glad that this is it!

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