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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

No Comparisons

I have received several emails during the past few weeks that have been disturbing. After processing the sexually graphic messages, it didn't take me long to realize that I was dealing with an aggressive devotee. As if living my life without my foot wasn't frustrating enough, I must contend with those who possess a fetish about limb loss.

After blocking his emails and logging his name in my personal "devotee watch list," I decided to do embark on a little cyber-sleuthing. Before I began, I made sure to tinker with the settings on my Hotspot Shield VPN. I wanted to make sure that my computer remained as untraceable as possible, especially when I knew the sites I would be visiting.

I began by typing the sender's name into Google. Immediately several websites popped up, each with the same repugnant theme. I am not going to name the websites for two reasons: I don't want to give them undo publicity and I don't particularly want my blog listed among them during searches. Although I am not naive when it comes to devotees and wannabes (individuals who yearn to live without one or more limbs), I become both confounded and disgusted whenever I delve into the abyss of their cyber world. 

The websites I uncovered were particularly graphic and repulsive. Details concerning methods of self-amputation were not only provided but also were advocated. Despite my attempts at comprehending the thought processes involved, I will never understand why somebody would desire to live without a limb. I love my life, but I would never have chosen to live as an amputee. There are too many frustrations, pains, and inconveniences involved for it to be a life ambition. 

My amputation was considered "medically elective" simply because it was not a life-threatening situation. I could have lived with my broken foot, but it would have been an existence of constant pain and surgeries. I opted to amputate because my foot wasn't functional, not because I desired a life without my limb. I am not in the same category as the wannabe, and I find the insinuation utterly repulsive. 

Although I feel that these individuals are making a horrific mistake by self-amputating limbs, I also recognize that this fringe group feels strongly in their desires. At this point I really don't care if they chop off all of their limbs. I do find it aggravating that they contact and harass me. To them I would say, "Do what you want to your own body, but don't attempt to bring me down to that level."

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