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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Counting Down

I have had yesterday's date circled on my calendar since hanging our calendar in January. When Robby and Scott left for school, I went downstairs and rummaged through our storage garage until I finally one of my favorite items. Several years ago I saw it at Target and, although it was expensive, it immediately became my obsession. After coveting it for over two weeks, I returned to the store and bought it. I have never regretted the purchase and even though it has been five years, my countdown to Christmas clock continues to make me smile.

Because the clock was such a splurge, I try to make the most of it. Since the snowman can countdown from 99 days, each year at the beginning of September I schlep it upstairs and plug it in.The snowman is the first decoration we bring out, heralding the impending holiday season. Having a large lit snowman counting the days until Christmas just as the air is beginning to crisp and the leaves are starting to turn colors has become a bit of a tradition. Although the neighbors and some family members chuckle when seeing it on display so early, it also always brings a smile to their face.

Robby was thrilled when he came home from school and discovered the reemergence of the countdown snowman. He jumped up and down, spun in a circle and affixed a pirate hat to the top of the snowman. He began to talk about Christmas, his Santa list and suddenly had a desire for sugar cookies. Scott was not nearly a giddy with his squeal of delight taking the form of a slight begrudging moan. Obviously the 47 year old is not as enthusiastic about the holidays as the 7 year old!

I realize that it is early to start decorating but seeing the snowman makes me happy. I have no intention of waiting until after Thanksgiving to plug him in. I paid for the ability to countdown from 99, and it would be a travesty if I didn't take advantage of its full potential.  Besides, it makes me happy! 

98 days until Christmas, and yes, I'm counting.

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  1. Blogs need a like button. I was looking for one bc I like this. :) Love your traditions.