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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weather Changes

Last week the heat and humidity in our area was oppressive. I couldn't walk across the street without dripping in sweat and feeling ill, so I spent much of my time inside, trying to stay cool and comfortable. I succeeded in staying cool, but comfortable is a different story.

The heat finally broke, allowing the crisp autumn temperatures to take hold. I find the cool air and brisk breezes to be simply exhilarating. After holing up inside for the past week, I have been anxious to take full advantage of my favorite time of year by cleaning up the yard. Unfortunately my leg as interfered with those plans.

The wild temperature fluctuations have wreaked havoc on my limb causing my phantom pains to reemerge. Admittedly, I am lucky when it comes to phantom pain. I experience it infrequently and the issues almost always coincide with socket changes, injuries or weather. Knowing that I am fortunate is providing little solace as I'm curled up on the couch trying to stop my missing toes from being twisted off while an imaginary hammer is beating down on the top of a foot which is no longer there. 

Massage, heat and ice, as well as medication are providing no relief. Right now all I can do is try to keep my mind off the pain, remind myself that the nerves are angry and wait for it to subside. If history is a guide, it will subside within a day or two. In the meantime, I anticipate more than a few hours of misery as I wait.

Most of the time being an amputee doesn't bother me. Today, I have to admit that it really stinks!

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