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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Ready or Not...

Ready or not, new school here we come! I can say with reasonable certainty that I am more anxious than Robby. He is excited to meet new friends, play football on the playground, and use his lunch box. I'm worried about his adjustment to a new routine and interacting with new classmates. Thankfully, Robby takes after his Daddy in that he doesn't seem to worry over the little details! I'm sure that the transition would be far more difficult if we were both anxious.

Last night I carefully packed Robby's lunchbox, filled with his favorite treats. I can imagine him
smiling broadly when he discovers everything that I packed. Hopefully he won't come home from school with the ravenous appetite he had last year when he was forced to eat the meals provided by his school. I also hoped that my turtle shaped treats and handwritten notes don't embarrass him.

This morning I'm fixing his favorite breakfast and hoping the bacon and cinnamon buns will keep him full until lunch time. I want to drive out of our garage with him smiling and excited about the new school adventure.

I know that this morning will be difficult, and I am preparing myself for some nervous tears and pleas to stay. Although it isn't easy, I know that he'll be fine the moment I walk out the door. I, on the other hand, fully expect cry the entire drive home. Mr. Bill, fully anticipating my tears and anxiety, has suggested that we go out for a back-to-school breakfast. I think that spending the morning with him at Cracker Barrel may be the distraction I need to calm my Momom worries.

Wish us luck. (Pictures to follow- as soon as I'm done with my breakfast.)

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