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Friday, October 04, 2013

A Prescription for Surgery

No parent wants to hear that surgery is required for their child, but I have to admit that I wasn't shocked by the doctors declaration. Robby has been dealing with a hearing impairment since birth and although he has adjusted well, it does impact his speech and health. After much discussion and weighing our options, we decided that it was in his best interest to proceed with the procedure.

During our appointment yesterday the doctor confirmed that scar tissue is continuing to accumulate in my little guy's ear canal. Although it can't be said with 100% certainty (after all, nothing medicinal is ever 100%), we believe that the scar tissue is the result of his malformed incus. Since he is too young to have that repaired, we are left with little choice but to address the problems piecemeal. 

Later this month Robby will have the scar tissue removed, and tubes will be placed in both ears. I'm hopeful that the tubes will help to safeguard against the ear infections which seem to thrive in his little canals. We aren't expecting complete resurrection of his hearing, but even a slight increase and diminishing the recurrent infections makes it worthwhile.

Robby was initially upset when he heard surgery recommended, but calmed as soon as the procedures were explained to him. He is exceptionally clear in his explanation to his teachers and friends. "I'm having surgery, but it isn't the regular kind. You know, the kind where they stick you with needles and pull out saws to cut you open. There won't be blood and nobody will see my guts. I'm going to have the mask kind, where I have to breath some special air that will make me feel funny and fall asleep.  Easy peasy, but I think I'll still get a new XBox game from my Dad."

While Robby is handling the news admirably, Scott is having trouble digesting the fact that his little boy will have an operation. Robby certainly knows his Daddy because Scott came home with a new XBox game simply because he was upset by the news. My sweet husband's eyes swell with tears whenever I try to discuss it, and he turns pale and clammy. I'm certain that I will have a more difficult time calming down Scott than I do Robby on the day of the procedure, but I have no doubt that Robby will make out like a bandit.

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