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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Walking for Research

My amputation is only one experience which drastically changed the course of my life. Easier to disguise, yet just as profound, is my bout with cancer. Being diagnosed with this horrible disease, and surviving, inevitably changes the individual. I know that I see the world differently because of my battle. Although I still become frustrated and upset (Robby and Scott would certainly agree) I feel better equipped to keep trivial issues in perspective.

Cancer taught me how quickly everything can change. It also taught me to appreciate others and to seek happiness in my life. I know it sounds cliche, but I believe I am a better person because I survived this disease.

Some say that I am unlucky because I was diagnosed with cancer; I say that I am lucky because I survived. Too many women succumb to gynecological cancers. Far too many valiant women fight just as hard as I did and did everything "right," yet they were not able to survive the evil cells invading their bodies. Medicine is good, but sometimes plain luck is a larger factor in determining survival.

Despite a heroic fight against the cancer, my friend Vashni died last year. She was a newlywed and had a lifetime of happiness ahead of her. Instead of living happily ever after, she was thrown into a war with her own body. In the end, cancer robbed the world of a genuinely loving individual.

Next month I will be joining my friends as we participate in a walk to raise funds for gynecological cancers. Although these cancers don't receive the press that breast cancer garners, they are just as detrimental to those afflicted.  If you are able, please consider sponsoring me on this endeavor. I know far too well that everything can change in an instant and that time is of the essence when searching for a cure.

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