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Thursday, November 14, 2013


The past few months have left me devoid of all energy, rendering me a zombie-like shell of my former self. I attributed the intense fatigue to the pregnancy. After all, I've been inundated with medical professionals touting the potential difficulties of this pregnancy, so it only made sense that being tired would be the first obstacle.

The fatigue was swift, intense and relentless. I found myself going to sleep by 7:30 each evening, waking only to feel exhausted a few hours later. I became out of breath by simply walking down the hallway, and lacked the motivation to do the simplest things which used to bring me pleasure because I was too tired to enjoy it.  I began to feel like my life was spiraling into an unproductive abyss where I would never feel energy or enjoyment again.

My first few OB visits provided no insights into my extreme fatigue and only resulted in my being patted on the shoulder and assured that being tired was normal. I realize that some energy loss is normal, but I began to feel a sense of hopelessness that I haven't experienced in a long time. I worried that my energy would never rebound, and doubted my ability to care for both Robby and the new baby. My worrying only resulted in zapping what little energy I had left!

Finally, last week I received a beacon of good news. My doctor called and informed me that my thyroid level was extremely low. She likened the impact of the out-of-whack thyroid number to somebody taking Nyquil on a daily basis. I was elated by the news that there was another physical reason for my fatigue.

I immediately logged onto my trusty Hotspot VPN and began to research everything related to pregnancy and thyroid. Typically internet research leaves me scared.  This time I felt uplifted. The diagnosis offered me a glimmer of hope that I would resume my pre-pregnancy activities.

My thyroid medication was tripled, and by the next morning I was already feeling stronger. Each day I have been feeling an increased sense of normalcy within my body. I'm no longer going to sleep before Robby, and I have begun cooking and baking cookies again. My strength is returning although I know it will take me awhile to regain what I have lost during the past few months.

Yesterday morning I was in the kitchen baking cupcakes to surprise Robby when he came home from school. Not only was I enjoying being in the kitchen again, but I found myself singing and dancing. I can't remember the last time I felt like singing! I was so happy I wanted to cry.

My doctor is going to keep a close eye on my thyroid levels throughout the rest of the pregnancy. In the future, if I begin to feel the same degree of fatigue, I am going to insist that the levels be checked. I feel like I have been resurrected simply by taking the correct dosage of a little pill. It feels so good to be feeling healthy again!

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