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Friday, January 17, 2014


After much back and forth, yesterday I was able to declare victory. I received a curt email from Robby's former school, graciously informing me that my account balance has been zeroed and that they are no longer pursuing the $1,754.00 they were seeking. Although I had little doubt that I would win, knowing that it is officially settled in my favor felt liberating. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to bask too long in my victory because I need to prepare for my next battle.

It turns out that my insurance adjustor, Elsie (name changed to protect her own identity) has decided in her infinite penny-pinching sadistic wisdom to deny my pregnancy socket. According to her, I should be able to "proceed with the remainder of my pregnancy utilizing crutches and/or a wheelchair." Needless to say, being handicapped by my insurance adjustor is not something I plan to accept passively!

Asserting that I should rely upon crutches, which would pose a huge safety risk for both me and the baby-to-be, is utterly absurd. My sense of balance is already askew because of my baby bump and my inability to see my toes. Take away my prosthesis and I would become a series of accidents in the waiting.  Since Elsie only seems to care about saving as much money as possible, I am surprised she did not consider the costs of the emergency room visits which would ensue if I was reliant upon crutches instead of my leg.

In addition to the safety issues, which are glaring, forgoing my prosthesis would have a negative impact on my health, my work and my family life. I have been encouraged to remain as physically active as possible during the pregnancy. If I were to give up my prosthesis,  my activities would be severely limited. I would have a difficult time navigating the stairs in my home, would struggle taking Robby to and from school, and would not be able to travel as much for work. My prosthesis has become integral to my daily life, and living without it is something I am not willing to try simply so Elsie can save some money.

I was quite surprised yesterday afternoon when I received a phone call from Elsie herself. She began the conversation with this matter-of-fact question: If I approve this new socket, are you willing to sign a document stating that you are not going to get pregnant again?"  It took me a few seconds to process what she had said, and I don't think the ramifications really struck me until hours after I hung up the phone. Talk about an illegal request! Considering my dismay, I managed to respond, "Um.. Are you willing to sign a document stating that you will no longer be a heartless bitch?" The phone conversation ended quickly!

To add insult to this entire situation is the fact that Elsie is an amputee. Like me, she knows what it is like to lose a part of your body. Obviously that is where the similarities end. Admittedly, she does not have a comfortable prosthesis, apparently does not have an active sex life and seems quite content living a more limited lifestyle. I am tired of my needs being denied because she chooses to settle for poor prosthetic care. 

I am appealing this decision and, much like the issue with Robby's former school, I have little doubt that I'll eventually be victorious. I am ready to fight, but the fact that I must appeal such a heartless and nonsensical decision is frustrating. Yesterday my friend reminded me that I've been dealing with this lady's nasty demeanor for 15 years.

After calming down from this infuriating exchange, I logged onto the internet to begin searching for my rights. I always log onto my Hotspot VPN because, as this encounter with my adjustor has proven, I don't trust anybody. Right now, anonymity is my friend! 

I become overwhelmed when I envision myself fighting the same battles for the rest of my life. I'm not asking for anything elaborate or cost prohibitive.  I'm asking for a socket so that I can remain ambulatory and healthy for the remainder of my pregnancy. Elsie's request almost makes me willing to go through this whole pregnancy thing again, just to spite her!

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