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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Martian Air

So much for getting back into the swing of a schedule. Both Scott and Robby will be home again today although this time it is due to temperature instead of precipitation.  The news of the cancellation came before either had completed their first day back. Needless to say, I had two extremely happy boys last night!

Robby is utterly obsessed with the cold temperatures. Together we have been researching exposure times before frostbite sets in (approximately 6 minutes in the expected temperatures) as well as drawing comparisons to experiences to which he can relate. (I always log onto my Hotspot VPN before doing any internet searches. Not only do I want to protect my own search records, but I feel that it is important to model internet safety for my son.) One fascinating frigid tidbit is that it is colder outside than it is inside our freezer. My little budding scientist is particularly impressed with the fact that the temperatures in Virginia today are expected to be colder than those experienced on Mars. He has concluded that they have better coats on Mars so their students probably still have school.

While Robby and Scott play XBox, watch cartoons and (hopefully) keep the fire insert cranking, I will be braving the temperatures and visiting my prosthetist. I have an appointment to get casted for my pregnancy leg. Although I don't relish the idea of venturing into the cool Martian air, starting the process for my leg makes it worthwhile.

I actually haven't gained weight during this pregnancy (apparently I had enough to spare so the doctors aren't concerned about the baby's growth), the shape of my limb has significantly changed. My current legs are difficult and painful to don often taking me up to 15 minutes to obtain suction and a fit I can tolerate. As I go through the day, it becomes more bearable, but I haven't been comfortable for several weeks. I'm looking forward to not cramping, pinching and feeling like a squeezed sausage when I wear my prosthesis. 

My OB seemed taken aback when I asked for a prescription for my new leg, but she was the logical physician to write the order. My swelling has been well-documented in the records and, should my insurance company balk at the request, I am confident that we have covered our bases. Although I am confident we would win an appeal, I am hoping that I won't have to fight this battle! Of course, I am hormonal and that does tend to intensify my inner warrior.

** Day 2 in my #100happydays challenge.  Hockey season started last night!

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