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Thursday, February 06, 2014

A Bleh Day

Between dealing with a grumpy soon-to-be dental patient and the dreary winter weather, yesterday was not my best day. I woke up early (no surprises) and, unable to go back to sleep, finally surrendered to the insomnia and ventured out to the living room. I had a roaring fire going by the time he early news started streaming school cancellations and delays.

Despite the icy conditions, I was surprised that neither Scott nor Robby had a delayed opening.  Fully expecting a cancellation or delay, Scott was less than personable when he ventured out for work. I felt a twinge of guilt when I realized that part of me was happy to have him out of the house for the day. He has been solemn, depressed and difficult to converse with since realizing that a dental procedure is imminent. I was at my wits end with his phobia and was glad to be free of the issue and drama for a few hours. 

Looking out the window before taking Robby to school, I made a calculated decision and declared a Momom imposed school delay. The driveway and stairs were icy and slick.  I don't feel save walking on ice with my prosthesis, and I feel even more vulnerable trying to traverse the slippery conditions while pregnant. Robby, of course, was overjoyed with the decision. After jumping on the couch while singing a tune of celebration, he scampered away to play games on the computer while the ice melted.

90 minutes later the ice was melting and we headed to school. Apparently I was not the only parent to have made the delayed opening decision because his class was sparse. (There were only four students in his class.) I saw a line of students and parents driving into the parking lot as I was leaving. I felt slightly vindicated that I was not the only ice-fearing parent.

The dreary and steady cold rain combined with the constant flow of foreboding text messages lamenting the dental appointment made it difficult for me to remain upbeat. After spending two hours researching dental phobias searching for a way to help him cope, I came to the realization that there is nothing that I can do to fix the situation. Accepting that I cannot fix something is difficult for me, but I recognize that I out of my element. I can offer no other solutions other than support. For my own sanity, avoidance is probably the best option.

Hopefully the rain will stop and the sun will peak out and say hello today. I could use a little sunshine right now! If the sun doesn't come out, I suppose I'll have to settle for a cupcake.

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