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Monday, February 03, 2014

Ominous Click

I have been an amputee for more than a decade, yet I am surprised by how much I am still learning. Last week I wrote about a clicking sound from my prosthesis. What began as a slight annoyance at the beginning of the week turned into a source of embarrassment and frustration by Friday. The sound grew louder as the week progressed, and I realized that unlike many prosthetic noises, it wasn't going to go away. 

Friday morning I went to visit Elliot, my prosthetist, for a diagnosis and tune up. I sure am glad I didn't wait through the weekend to get rid of the clicking! Almost as soon as I walked into his office and he heard the sound I was directed to immediately sit down. He took my leg and, without hesitation or much effort, pulled the foot completely off the socket.

Apparently the clicking sound was the result of the bolts loosening. As I continued to walk through the week, the bolts were progressively losing their grip to the socket. If I had planted my foot and twisted, the entire prosthesis would have disassembled. I had no idea that I was flirting with a prosthetic catastrophe!

Thankfully injury was averted and my leg was quickly fixed. From now on I am going to heed the sounds being communicated through my prosthesis. If I ever hear the clicking sound again, I won't put it off for a week and hope it goes away.

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