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Friday, January 31, 2014

White Flag Weekend

I am officially waving the white flag and surrendering to the overwhelming fatigue, mild forgetfulness and overall ickyness that I have been experiencing as the result of increase in my medication. I realize that these side effects are temporary, so I am left with no choice but to try to ride it out. Thankfully the weekend has arrived, and I plan on carving out ample opportunities for rest. As far as I can tell, the only thing on tap for this weekend is the Superbowl and, other than the snacks and halftime show, I could care less about the game. Based upon the cupcake selection at the grocery store, I think both teams wear blue; my factoids are expended with that little tidbit. 

My medication was increased on Wednesday, but Thursday morning I was already feeling the impact. I felt like the roadrunner who had been hit with the Coyote's anvil. After taking Mr. Bill to the doctor in the morning and trying to get some work done, I finally gave up and laid down. I woke up two hours later, startled by the sound of my own snoring. 

Today my schedule is light, something for which I am grateful! I have to go see Elliot in the morning for a combination of work and patient issues. My new socket fits great, but now my foot is clicking with each step. I find it annoying when I'm at home and mildly embarrassing when I am in public. I'm hoping that it is an easy fix because I'm tired of announcing myself each time I walk into a room. Talk about drawing undo attention!

Once the clicking has been addressed and Robby has been picked up from school, I plan on promptly changing into my pajamas. At this point, I have no intention of changing into real clothes until Monday morning when I drop Robby back off at school. I'm hoping that time and plenty of rest will both work to help my body adjust to this new medication.

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