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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Officially a Hockey Mom

Monday evening was a big night in our house because Robby finally had an official try-out for the youth hockey team. He has been working towards this goal for the past two years, starting with the Snowplow Sam classes where he learned to balance on the ice. Looking at him skate now it is hard to remember those his first tentative trials on the ice.  In preparation for his try-out, he has been taking the "learn to play hockey" classes for the past year. Scott and I both tried to diminish the pressures, but I knew that Robby had his heart set on finally making the team. By the time he was dressed and took the ice for the try-out, I have to admit that he was more comfortable and confident than his parents.

Scott and I may have been nervous, but Robby was cool as a cucumber as he skated. Although he prefers playing defense, he even managed to score twice during the scrimmage. Incidentally, everybody at the rink knew when Robby scored because he enthusiastically screamed "yee haw" each time. The smile on Robby's face after his brief conference with the coach immediately set my worries at bay. As he triumphantly skated towards us, we knew that he had finally made the team.

With the coach's nod and after I wrote the check for the fees, Robby officially became a hockey player. After going out for a celebratory ice cream cone and calling his Nana, we were on our way home. Of course we had to stop and tell Mr. Bill the good news on the way. Robby went to bed smiling and was still grinning from ear to ear when I peeked in on him early the next morning.

At school on Tuesday Robby told everybody and anybody who would listen that he had made the hockey team. Unbeknownst to Robby, his teacher was planning a class congratulatory celebration for him on Wednesday. I love that his new school is so supportive of the students! That night I made cupcakes for him to share with his classmates, but he remained completely oblivious to the fact that there was going to be a party in his honor.  I suppose we take in treats so often that this gesture did not raise suspicions.

When I picked up Robby yesterday afternoon he was overwhelmed with excitement over his surprise party. His classmates gave him cards, his teacher presented him with a little certificate, and his accomplishment was celebrated by everybody. He was overjoyed that his friends were so happy that he had made the team! 

Robby has been smiling since Monday night, and I'm fairly sure it won't fade for awhile.  I'm so proud of him. I never imagined I would be this excited to be a full-fledged hockey mom.

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