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Friday, March 21, 2014


A few days ago I woke up with an uncanny burst of energy and determination. Scott's computer room, which is earmarked to become the baby's room, was no where near ready to welcome our newest family member. Simply put, the room had turned into a vast abyss of wires, trash, antiquated computer equipment as well as a catch-all for assorted household odds and ends without a home. Although I've wanted to work on the room, each time I stepped through the door, I felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff which had to be sorted, discarded or moved.

With the baby due in less than two months, time was running out on readying the room. Feeling like it was now or never, I grabbed a bottle of Gatorade, a roll of trash bags and stepped through the computer room door. I was determined that I wouldn't stop cleaning until the room had been purged of its contents. 

I worked throughout the morning and afternoon, stopping only for snacks and to occasionally chat with my Mom (who provided constant motivation to keep working). I tried to take it easy, but I felt compelled to keep moving and working. I sorted everything, carefully separating the trash from the treasures.

After a few hours of working nonstop, I realized that I must be nesting.  I decided to take full advantage of this unusual pregnancy stage and kept working. Oddly enough, I never felt tired or uncomfortable. I only felt a growing resolve to clear the clutter from every aspect of my house!

I wish I had a camera handy when Scott came home from work. Greeting him in the living room was an ominous pile of trash bags and boxes, stuffed full with the contents of what had been his sanctuary. I was amazed and proud that I had managed to sort and compile a 7' high by 3 ' wide by 4' high wall of trash. With the exception of the computer and its desk, the room is finally clear!

This weekend will be spent relocating the computer. Although Scott is sad about losing his computer room he has begun to embrace his new space. We are converting our basement bedroom into his "man cave" with one caveat: it must never be filled with trash and junk again!

I think part of him is excited about the increased distance between our living area and his sanctuary. I am looking forward to spending the weekend prepping and getting the room ready for the baby. My Mom is coming down on Saturday to help, and I'm sure between the two of us, we'll be able to make a lot of progress.  Let's just hope that the nesting hormones keep me revved up until this project is over!

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