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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Although I thrive on routine, I have come to the conclusion that my coveted schedule will probably remain illusive for the foreseeable future. Between becoming acclimated to living as a family of four, juggling Timmy's and my multiple medical appointments, Robby's activities, and newborn induced sleep deprivation, my new "normal" will be chaos. I am trying to view the situation as "adjustment triage," a temporary condition which will sort itself out. I am also trying to push the worry of "what if this is my new reality" out of my mind!

Yesterday was spent running between medical appointments, Robby's school and hockey practice. While I'm delighted that I did not have to undergo a Cesarean section, Timmy's birth created some trauma in my body. It turns out that I sustained a moderate liver contusion (bruise) when he readjusted his position before I went into labor. I'm assured that the injury will heal, but was also cautioned that I need to take the issue seriously. The liver bruise is classified as an internal injury, and I have no intention of overriding medical recommendations.  Until it heals, I have to avoid bending, lifting or engaging in any behaviors which are not considered mild. In other words, I can only do something if it does not increase my heart beat. 

While I was in the hospital, it was also discovered that I have a strong uterine infection. There is no way that it can be confirmed, but it is the suspected cause of Timmy's pre-term delivery. I'm now on high dose antibiotics and cautioned to avoid the same activities which were listed by the internal medicine doctors. I also discovered that uterine infections are painful, which certainly isn't helping me with the resting directive.

Despite the medical issues, my recover from the delivery has been remarkable. I haven't felt this good since I became pregnant! As soon as little Timmy was born, I felt stronger and healthier. The absence of nagging pain and discomfort is euphoric.  As an added (and surprising) bonus, I'm already back in my pre-baby leg!

All of my issues are minimal when compared to my concern about Timmy. We took him to the doctor yesterday and, to our delight, he is doing surprisingly well. Considering his size, he has very few problems and issues. We need to bulk him up, which will involve increased feedings on a regular schedule, but I know that he'll be bigger before I know it.  With so many health issues hinging on weight, fattening up our little guy has become of paramount importance. 

Living without a concrete schedule is frustrating, but the rewards in this circumstance are amazing. I am hopeful that our revolving medical appoints will slowly wane, allowing us more time to settle into our new lives. In the meantime, I plan on taking full advantage of Scott being home this week. If there is ever an opportunity for me to try to rest, it is certainly now.

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