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Monday, April 28, 2014

Family of Four

It is safe to say that our lives have profoundly changed during the past few days. We went from being a family of three to four. Although we weren't prepared to meet our little miracle baby, I sure am glad that he is here! 

As soon as he was placed in my arms, I fell deeply and unconditionally in love. I know it sounds cliche, but perhaps that is because it is true. He was born a month early and is tiny, but he already has me wrapped around those miniature fingers.

Almost instantly after his birth I began to feel better. I venture to guess that I have only felt well for four or five weeks since September. I've struggled with thyroid issues, near constant pain, nausea and just feeling sick and worn out. The absence of pain is liberating. I haven't felt this well or this happy for a long time. The pregnancy was certainly taxing, but the birth process was the best antidote.

I anticipate some growing pains as Robby learns to live with a sibling, but right now we are all thoroughly enjoying the honeymoon period. Robby has fully embraced his role as big brother, showering the little one with kisses and love. We try to keep our demands on Robby to a minimum as we all adjust to life as a family of four. I don't push him to interact with the baby, but encourage him to help when he demonstrates interest. Above all, I am going out of my way to remind Robby how much I love him. Jealousy is normal, but right now he seems to be accepting and has adjusted well. 

So, with no further ado, I would like to officially introduce the newest member of our family. He has already stolen our hearts and has shown that he is both strong and determined.  Welcome to the world Timothy Scott Chenoweth!

  (Please pardon the watermarks.  I haven't received the hard copy yet but I love this pic!)

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