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Friday, April 25, 2014

Update from Nana

Hello!   Peggy does not have access to WiFi in the hospital so has asked me to post for her.

 It is wonderful to become a grandma (aka Nana) again.  The sweet little baby is perfect.  Well, almost.  He doesn't know how to eat yet and is having some difficulty breathing on occasion.  He needs to be kept very warm but thrives being held.  All of these things are normal.

Her birth experience was just short of being a miracle.  The baby had been living horizontally in her womb for the entire pregnancy and the cord was wrapped about him twice.  There was never a doubt that she would be having a Cesarean section.  I guess the baby thought otherwise because Wednesday evening he struggled to turn himself into the correct birthing position and her body cooperated.

At the hospital, the staff was prepping the Operating Room for the surgery when suddenly the nurse exclaimed that she could see the head!  A few pushes later and VOILA!  He appeared!  A beautiful little baby boy!

Peg had been having contractions for weeks so the birth was a relief.  She is feeling better than she has in months, looks fantastic, and can sleep again!

Name for Baby Boy?  No decision yet.  She claims she didn't expect him this early and was not prepared.  She said she had to meet him first.  She said a lot of things---but the bottom line is that we have no name yet. Robby suggested the name Johnny Doodleston but admitted he made up that name because he figured the child would have a hard time spelling it.  Personally, I think it is catchy.  In the meantime, I call him Cutie.

Peg will be happy to take back her blog on Monday and I know it was difficult for her to give me control.  Thanks for supporting her through the whole pregnancy.  Your messages and comments were greatly appreciated.  Bye for now.


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