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Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Review

Although it was relatively laid back in revelry, especially compared to year's past, we had a nice Easter. With my movement restrictions we just couldn't complete our normal traditions. I am proud of Robby for not complaining and for taking the changes in stride. He is growing into such a patient and easy-going child; I'm so proud of him!

Saturday evening we finally completed the one Easter tradition I refused to ignore--dyeing Easter eggs. It occurred to me that this activity takes considerably longer now that he is older, but that he also finishes exponentially cleaner. Gone are the days of dipping his hands into the full cup of colorful dye. This year he carefully moved each egg between trays, created striped and overlapping circles featuring a rainbow of bright colors. I became excited when it occurred to me that next year I will be preparing two dozen eggs instead of one. I'm looking forward to scrubbing little hands clean after he (or she) playfully splashes in the colorful dye cups!

Easter morning I woke up early, not because that was my intention but instead because sleep has become elusive. While the boys were still dreaming, I sneaked outside and carefully hid the eggs and Easter surprises. (For a reason which we still don't understand, Robby does not like candy. Therefore, his Easter treats always consist of outdoor toys for the coming summer.) It turns out that the egg hiding was easier in concept than in execution. I can't bend, so I was forced to either squat down to place each egg or find a spot knee high to hide it. I have no doubts that I resembled a pajama-wearing chicken each time I not-so-gracefully squatted down to place an egg.

Despite my efforts, Robby found his treats and eggs in near record time. He soon settled down on the couch, content to play Xbox with a friend for much of the day. Scott lounged in bed watching hockey. Realizing that nobody needed me and knowing that I wouldn't be missed, I took the opportunity for a long nap. We certainly didn't have the most exciting Easter, but this year I think it was just what we needed!

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