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Friday, April 18, 2014

No Hopping For Me

It is safe to say that bed rest has me going a tinge stir crazy. While I have no intention of going against doctor orders thereby jeopardizing the baby, I am growing weary of staying still. My mind is spinning with projects and ideas, and I find it infuriating that my body cannot cooperate right now.

Having Scott and Robby home with me this past week has certainly made the days easier. I have enjoyed the constant company, and perhaps I was even a little spoiled with the doting and fetching of drinks and snacks. I am going to miss both of them when they return to their routines next week, but hopefully my loneliness will be short-lived. Judging by the changes in my body, I am hopeful that this little baby will be joining our family soon!

Although I haven't been able to physically accomplish a lot, I have found ways to be quasi-productive towards checking off items on my various to-do lists. In short, I have rediscovered the joys of internet shopping. I have come to believe that this wonderful form of commerce was invented with my situation in mind. I have been able to honor doctor orders to remain still while still selecting and purchasing Robby's summer wardrobe. It may seem minor, but at this point, each time I am able to accomplish anything I feel like a victor.

Being stuck inside and unable to engage in our typical traditions, it is hard to believe that Easter is this Sunday. This year we will forgo the eggs hanging in the trees, making the birdseed biscuits for our wild critters, and baking bunny car cupcakes. If it wasn't for the egg themed tablecloth on my kitchen table, there would be no indications of this holiday in our home this year. It makes me feel sad, and guilty that we have failed to make this holiday special for Robby. I know that he is oblivious, but I know that the traditions are being shirked and it bothers me.

Scott will be heading out this morning "hopping" for some Easter surprises for Robby. Since my little Koopa isn't a candy eater, his basket will be filled with assorted summer toys and games. I know that Scott will come home with some fantastic surprises, but I wish I could be doing it myself. I just feel so useless lying around! Fingers crossed, and I'll keep you posted.

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