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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Facebook or Faceless?

With all of my professional and personal endeavors, I am fully aware that I spend more time on the internet than the average person. It is rare that I don't have Facebook, Twitter, and my email tabs open and running simultaneously while I work on a project or report. Sitting with my laptop perched on my lap, it occurs to me that I am extremely fortunate that I can accomplish so much without changing out of my pajamas. 

Unfortunately, the internet also has pitfalls made especially visible through social media. Although Facebook can be utilized as a wonderful vehicle to create a support system, seek answers, and cultivate and maintain friendships, it can also mirror the worst in society. People feel protected through their keyboards and often write posts, post videos and comments that would be considered reprehensible to speak aloud. In many ways, Facebook has allowed us to become Faceless. 

I tend to be a duck when it comes to social media, letting much roll off my back without becoming too invested. Every once in awhile, a post catches my eye and stays with me. On even rarer occasions, I feel compelled to act. A few days ago I encountered one of these posts.

Casually surfing around Facebook, I happened upon a "how to" video which rendered me speechless. I hesitated to click the link, but eventually my curiosity got the best of me. I just simply couldn't believe that this type of informational video would be so readily available to be viewed by children and those who are vulnerable. Against my better judgment, I clicked play.

To my horror, the title of the video was an apt description of the content. The video featured a man amputating his own foot as he provided commentary concerning how much dry ice was necessary, the safety precautions that he put in place, and the surge of adrenaline that he was experiencing. Once I realized what I was viewing and began to feel that it was authentic, I immediately closed the video. This was not something that I needed scarred into my psyche! 

Disgusted, I completed the "report content" form on Facebook. Since this video was easy for me to find, it would certainly be viewed by youngsters and those confused about their own body image. I am fully aware that self-amputation occurs, but this type of video has no place on a social media platform!  I flagged the video as abusive because it displayed self-injury/harmful behavior and spent the remainder of the day trying to shake the images I viewed. 

Yesterday morning I received a from Facebook  informing me that my report was reviewed and that the video was not deemed inappropriate. Seriously? If teaching others how to cut off a limb isn't demonstrating self-injury or harmful behavior, I am not sure what would qualify! I was disgusted by the ruling and disheartened that the video is still on the social media platform.

I don't see my reliance upon the internet or on social media changing anytime soon. This most recent experience simply solidified my view that social media, especially Facebook, is not an appropriate platform for children. I may be lax about many things, but Robby should not expect to open an account anytime soon!

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