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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Birthday Recap

Yesterday was the first day of my 40's, and although I expected the worst I was pleasantly surprised. The day was not nearly as traumatic as I had anticipated. While I'm still not thrilled about the new number, I was overwhelmed with loving and supportive emails, phone calls and cards. It is impossible to wallow when surrounded by supportive friends and family.

Although Timmy was totally unphased by the festivities, Robby is at an age where he thoroughly embraces every aspect of celebrations. He woke up and smothered me with exactly 40 kisses. (It took him awhile, but it was well worth the wait!) He then treated me to breakfast by making me an Eggo waffle and a glass of water.  By the time he was ready for school he had probably wished me a Happy Birthday at least a dozen times.

Robby's birthday enthusiasm was not limited to home. As soon as he walked into his classroom he informed his teacher, the principal and all of his classmates that it was my birthday. He then offered up my age, prefacing it by declaring that I'm still "not as old as Mr. Bill, but getting pretty darn close." His friends, whose parents were probably in their 20's, were dumbfounded by the fact that I am 40. Several of the girls remarked that I'm almost as old as their grammies. I was going to take issue with the comparison, but I ended up just smiling and saying thank you.

Although I wasn't delighted by being referenced as a "grammy," I decided to stop making myself miserable by hyper focusing on the number. Taking care of Timmy yesterday morning, I realized it is impossible to feel old and decrepit when holding a sweet newborn on your chest.

I have to remain vibrant and energetic simply because my boys deserve an engaged and active mom. I have decided to completely disregard the dreaded number. I just don't have time in my schedule for being middle age!

My mom came down to spend the day and night, allowing me to sleep through the night. After not sleeping for several days, being able to rest for more than a few minutes at a time feels like a true luxury. Scott bought me a beautiful Mother's ring, featuring Robby's and Timmy's birthstones. Although I still hate the number, I had a wonderful birthday.

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