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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rain Drops

The weather has been nothing short of volatile the past few weeks. We've fluctuated between sweltering 90 degree temperatures to the uncomfortable 40's. Not only do the wild temperature fluctuations make dressing an exercise in frustration, but also it has caused some violent thunderstorms.

I don't mind thunder and lightening. In many ways I find the sounds relaxing and cleansing. Thankfully Robby has never been frightened by storms so we tend to ride them out without much fanfare.  Unfortunately, our ambivalence towards thunderstorms is beginning to wane- courtesy of our leaky roof.

Hamlet hasn't been outside during a storm, but he has already felt raindrops falling on his little head. Little guy was chilling in his cradle swing when the skies (and apparently another segment of our roof) opened up.  Needless to say, he was not amused. 

It feels like every time we experience inclement weather, we discover another leak in our roof. I love our house, but at times like this I am growing weary of being a homeowner. Ever just get tired of everything going wrong?

Yesterday we experienced another wicked thunderstorm which produced over an inch of rain in a short period of time. We purged our linen closet of towels just so that we could absorb all of the rain dripping down our walls and through the skylights. At one point I thought we were going to have to start lining up my prosthetics to catch the overflow!

As if the leaky roof wasn't frustrating enough, the storms have been wreaking havoc with my phantom pain. I was hobbling around like a lame duck trying to stay on top of all the leaks while all I wanted to do was take off my leg and escape the pain. I hope that the weather patterns stabilize soon because I'm not sure if our roof and my limb can handle many more changes!

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