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Friday, July 11, 2014

Walking Day After Re-Amputation

My re-amputation surgery was four weeks yesterday. My incision is completely healed and, although only a month has passed, I am chomping at the bit to regain my mobility. With an abdominal surgery looming in a few weeks, my ability to be upright is paramount.

Thankfully Elliot, my prosthetist, understands my situation and was willing to work with me. He fully admitted that I am pushing the boundaries on being able to wear a leg again, but he was willing to build one so that I could try. I fully expected and accepted that pain would be a factor, but with needing to take care of Timmy and get ready for my next round of surgeries, I was determined to get moving sooner rather than later. Although I'm able to care for Timmy using my knee scooter, it is exhausting and difficult. 

Yesterday morning in preparation for my leg appointment, I sat in my rocker and prepared to don my liner. A task which had been second nature was suddenly wrought with pitfalls and pain. Twenty minutes and three attempts later, I finally had the liner in place.  Everybody in the house knew when I was rolling it over the incision. According to Robby, I "yelped like a hurt woman" when I made the final push over the tender wound.

An hour later I was in Elliot's office, nervously preparing to slip into a new socket. After the experience with the liner, I had no doubt that I was going to experience considerable pain in the attempt. Again I yelped, prompting Elliot to close the exam room door to shield his other patients and staff from the expletives he expected to spew out during the process. 

Holding onto both crutches, I stood up and slowly slid my way into the socket. I have no way of telling if the socket is fitting correctly because the tender bone pain was all-encompassing.  After what felt like an eternity, the bottom of my limb was finally at the base of the socket. Without much hesitation, probably out of a desire to put the worst behind me, I stood up and tried to walk.

Fully weighting the crutches, I was upright and walking for the first time since the surgery. I know that the pain will persist and that I won't be comfortable for a considerable amount of time. I am fully reliant on the crutches and don't see me walking unaided for several weeks, perhaps months. But I was upright and moving. Despite the mind numbing pain, I knew that I was on the right track.

I wore the leg home but removed it later in the afternoon. I am going to wear it again today, and I hope to increase both the amount of weight I put through the leg and the time I am able to wear it. For the third time in my life, I am learning how to walk.  At least this time, I know what to expect and how to pace myself.

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