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Monday, August 04, 2014

Park Time

Friday afternoon I met another milestone, and to be honest it probably did more for my psychological health than the recovery of my leg. Determined to regain a sense of normalcy, I packed up Robby and his cousins, and we went to the park for the afternoon. Although I was relegated to the role of observer instead of participant, it was wonderful to be able to be outside and watch them all play.

The playground is situated a football field away from the parking lot, so simply getting to the structures was a monumental feat for me. I walked slowly and methodically, and perhaps most importantly without crutches until I finally reached my goal: the bench. It took me awhile and it wasn't pretty, but I did it! Robby and my niece stood on the top of a giant rock and cheered me as I made my way towards them. I am so lucky that I have a son who is so supportive of me during my recovery. This summer would be exponentially more difficult if he weren't as understanding and caring. 

Robby and his cousins had a great time running around and being silly. I was thankful for the fresh air and for my newly acquired mobility. Not only was I able to enjoy the day with the kids I love most in the world, but also I was able to provide my Mom with a much needed respite. She stayed at home and took a nap with Timmy.

Even though my leg was sore by the time, I finally arrived at the park. I tried to push past the pain and enjoy the day. At one point during a moment of pure stupidity, I decided that I was going to swing with Robby. I hobbled over to the swing set, took my place on the seat and pushed off. The pressure the prosthetic pressing against my limb as I was swinging in mid-air nearly brought me to tears. I may be well enough to walk (sort of) to the park, but I am certainly not recovered enough to play.  The lesson was painfully learned, and I re-assumed my position on the bench next to the crocheting grandmother.

Even though I wasn't able to play, going to the park signaled another milestone in my recovery. I can't wait until I can put on my leg and take a step without holding my breathe.  Hopefully that day will come sooner rather than later.

Today I go to see Elliot for another new socket. I'm optimistic that I'll be leaving his office walking pain-free.  Fingers crossed!

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