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Friday, September 19, 2014

Ahoy there!

Arrgghh! Ahoy there me hearties, and a happy Talk Like a Pirate Day. Yes, it is a real holiday and one which I full embrace.

I love Talk Like a Pirate Day for one reason only: because it is fun. I first learned about the designation a few years ago while Robby was in the middle of his pirate loving phase. Let's face it, being an amputee is a huge coup when dressing like a pirate. I instantly transform into the cool Mom by only adding a Buccaneers hat and red striped shirt. 

Thankfully Robby has inherited my love of celebration, and he is fully on board with the piratical themed day. His school teachers have come to expect the unusual from us, so they were not surprised when I suggested that today be Pirate Day. From treasure maps and scavenger hunts during recess to reading about adventures on the seven seas, Robby and his classmates will be fully immersed in the theme. This is a great opportunity to kick off my reign as Room Mom!

Lunch, which has been changed to fish and chips for the occasion, will be followed with a pirate themed cake. I accidentally ordered an entire sheet cake for his class (there are only 9 students) so there will be enough of the sweet treasure to share with the entire student body.  I have no doubt that my little Jolly Robby will be strutting like Captain Hook all day when his friends discover their surprises.

I love that Robby still enjoys having me participate in his classroom. I worried that he might be near the age where my presence embarrasses him, but he remains insistent that he wants me to be there. A recent conversation reminded me that he has learned to accept and embrace my eccentricities.

Every day I pack a little note card in his lunchbox. (I found the lunchbox cards online and thought that they would be fun.) The front has a message for him, while the back has a fun trivia fact. A few days ago Robby told me that a friend questioned why he puts the card in his lunchbox everyday. Robby, in a matter-of-fact manner, declared that he doesn't pack his lunch, his Momom does. When his friend rephrased the question and asked why I put the cards in his lunchbox everyday, Robby answered without missing a beat.  "You know my Momom. She is always doing stuff like this. She's a master at special stuff because she is a bit Kooky."

I am sure the day will come when he asks me to keep my Pirate costume hanging in the closet. Thankfully, that day is not today. Today, my prosthetic will be transformed into a peg leg and I'll enthrall his friends by spinning tales of my piratical adventures. 

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