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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Resonating Words

While I don't enjoy being in a spotlight, I am slowly becoming more comfortable speaking in public. Telling my story and relating to the audience is becoming easier, although each time the microphone is put into my hands I feel faint. I tend to go into autopilot mode, pretending that I'm talking to a friend and hoping that I make sense. 

Typical to my reaction, Saturday morning I woke up feeling nervous and queasy. I felt insecure about my ability to effectively communicate and doubted the choice to include me in the program. I always feel insecure before a speech, and tend to perseverate on the most minute details. Saturday morning my uncooperative hair became the focus of my obsession. 

In retrospect I should not have cared about my hair because the event was outside. It was a breezy day, so my carefully coiffed locks quickly became windblown and disheveled. The first stiff wind destroyed all of my efforts of the previous hour.  So much for trying!

The speech went well, although I can't recount what I said. I spoke from the heart and the reaction from the audience was favorable. Robby sat attentively throughout my speech, sporting a smile from ear to ear. He gave me a standing ovation at the end, which was perhaps the best affirmation I could have received. 

After the speech was complete, we stayed for lunch and the festivities. We were playing a carnival game when I was approached by somebody who had been in the audience. In a timid and shaky voice, she began to speak.

I knew what she was going to relay within seconds of hearing her first utterance. I've been in her shoes, and although the details are different, the fears are the same. The day before she had been told by her physicians that she would require a below-knee amputation.  She was terrified and looking for information and for hope that her life would be okay. I knew immediately how she was feeling because I was in the same situation 11 years ago.

We found a quiet spot and chatted for awhile. We ended the conversation with an exchange of contact information, a hug and a reassurance that she was going to be okay. I am so happy that I happened to be speaking at the event that she was attending and that my story resonated with her. In the end my hair didn't matter at all, and I left on cloud 9 knowing that I was able to help somebody in a small way. 

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