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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Everyday being Robby's Mom is an adventure. I never know what he will say, do or observe. He certainly keeps me on my toes!

When I pick him up from school each day I have habitually asked his teacher if he had a good day. Although yesterday she said that he did, I could tell by the smirk on her face that there was more to the story. After retrieving Robby from the playground for me, I asked him if he had fun and what he learned.  He said that he had a good day and that he learned about synonyms. 

At this point, he went to retrieve his worksheet from his cubby. He handed me his papers and went to say goodbye to a friend. When I was alone with his teacher, she took the opportunity to lean in and tell me another "Robby story."  (I'm really glad that she is laid back with a good sense of humor because this happens more often than I care to admit.)

"Today we were working on synonyms and Robby did a great job. He was able to come up with a synonym for every word I provided, and at the end he asked for a challenge. Without really thinking too much about it, I asked him to tell me a synonym for a bully."

She really didn't need to finish the story because I was fairly confident I knew where she was going with it. Not knowing how to end the conversation without the conclusion being offered, I tried to smile and nodded as she spoke.

"He said it was a really big challenge and that he would think about it. I started serving lunch when he suddenly interrupted. With his hand wildly waving in the air and hopping up and down, I asked him what he needed.  Without hesitating, he walked over to me and had me kneel down so that he could whisper something in my ear."

At that point I felt quasi-relieved that he had at least requested to whisper his answer.  I know Robby well, and I had a good idea of what he had said. 

Proud as a peacock, my little guy continued to whisper his answer to his teacher.  "I figured out your synonym challenge.  A synonym for bully is a$$hole. Am I right? A$$hole is a good synonym for bully."

All I could do was smile and thank my lucky stars that his teacher finds him endearing.  Last night, we had yet another discussion about appropriate and inappropriate language. After our parental lecture, Robby looked at us with his inquisitive bright brown eyes and said, "But I'm right, aren't I? A$$ beep is another word for bully."  Instead of launching into another discussion about which word was inappropriate, I handed him a cookie and hid in the bathroom. 

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