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Friday, October 24, 2014

Party Weekend

Robby has been counting down the days, waiting for today to arrive. Earlier this week I decided to become a hero to my little boy by offering to take him and his friend to Pumpkinville for the afternoon. Pumpkinville is the huge Fall festival at the Animal Park. We try to go every year, but of course we missed last year because I was already feeling sick from the pregnancy. Robby never complained that he didn't get to go, but I wanted to make an effort to get him there this year.

Ever since I extended the invitation, Robby and his friend Kabir have been planning the afternoon.  The friends are looking forward to jumping, sliding and petting all the animals. Kabir has never been to Pumpkinville, so Robby has enjoyed regaling him with teasers about what to expect.

 In years past I have always been the one jumping and playing.  Now he is growing up and no longer needs me as a playmate. I've accepted that my roles are to pay the admission, to purchase snacks and  to schlep Timmy around as I desperately try to keep an eye on them.  Part of me is sad to be displaced, but watching him so happy as he plays certainly nulls the rejection. 

After we come home from Pumpkinville it will be all hands on deck for the remainder of the evening.  Tomorrow is a big day! We are hosting "Robby and Timmy's Super Big Happy Halloween Trick-or-Treat Party." We are expecting about 20-25 kids, and we have a lot of work to do.

I'll be baking and prepping far into the evening as Scott and Robby work to ready the yard. We are renting a giant moonbounce slide, but the leaves need to be cleared from the area before it is delivered in the morning. (I also rented a cotton candy machine which I'm sure will be a big hit!) Chairs need to be set up, the sticks need to be gathered, and everything needs to be tidied up before the company arrives.  The weather is supposed to be gorgeous with 70 degree temperatures and bright blue skies. It's my hope that we can keep everybody outside so traffic inside my house will be kept to a minimum.

Last night we went shopping for party supplies and we came home with the SUV packed with food, drinks and to quote Robby, a "crap ton" of candy. I admit that I may have gone overboard with the candy bags, but I couldn't figure out what I wanted and it all looked yummy. I guess that is what I get for going to the store hungry! Robby was in his element happily pulling decorations, plates and treats from the shelves. I love seeing the excitement on his little face.

The next few days will be busy, but I know that we are going to have a great time. I love throwing the Halloween party because it the perfect opportunity for everybody to get together to just have fun. Unlike birthday parties, there is no pressure to bring a gift and nobody is the "star." Instead, everybody can just run, eat, bounce, play and have fun. After the summer we've survived, we all deserve a party!

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