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Thursday, November 13, 2014


Although I am not sure the source, I absolutely love Robby's enthusiasm for science. Given the opportunity, he would habitually pick watching the Science Channel and various educational documentaries over cartoons. Needless to say, yesterday's landing on the comet really sent my little guy into a tailspin.

We have had the comet landing marked on our calendar for weeks. Yesterday morning he woke up grinning from ear to ear, proudly exclaiming that today he was going to witness history. He was especially impressed with the fact that landing on a comet was something that has never been achieved, hence it was "rare."  (Have I mentioned that he is into anything dubbed "rare" at the moment.) Robby walked into his school like a trumpeter heralding the comet landing. I was relieved to learn that his teacher had already rearranged the lessons for the day so that Robby and his class could watch the event.

After dropping him off I drove home and began working.  My phone rang at 10:45 and although I looked at the caller ID out of habit, I knew it was Robby's school.  Somehow my little guy convinced his teacher to grant him a phone call so that he could remind me of the landing. I assured him that I was watching, listened to him yammer about the "super duper rare event" that was about to occur before telling him to go back to class.

I have to admit that I have never been into astronomy, but I found myself excited and squealing when contact was established and the landing was confirmed. The fact that a small vehicle could intersect with a moving comet, 4 billion miles away, is simply awe inspiring. I cannot even fathom the intellect required to tackle such an seemingly unattainable goal. The engineers' mothers must be so proud of their sons and daughters!

Within minutes of the landing my phone rang again. Robby's teacher was laughing on the other end of the receiver. She explained that Robby had worked the class into a near frenzy state as the expected landing time approached.  According to his teacher, Robby erupted with cheers and fist bumps when communication was established.  Within moments the rest of the students followed suit, participating in Robby's comet celebration.  (Note to self: make the teacher another batch of brownies. She deserves them!)

Robby was simply gleeful when his teacher handed him the phone. I had no doubt that he was genuinely excited about what has been accomplished. I'm so happy that science, engineering and math excite him. Who knows, perhaps someday he will be overseeing his own rocket exploration missions. 

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