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Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day. I realize that I'm early, but since today is Robby's Valentine's Day party at school I am celebrating today. I am not particularly fond of this holiday, but I do love my role as class Mom and since a party is involved, I am all about Valentine's Day!

Scott took off work yesterday to help with Timmy so that I could unwind after the trip to Texas. It was really nice having him home, and the extra set of hands trying to wrangle our fast crawling Hamlet was certainly appreciated. During nap time Scott headed to the grocery store, armed with a list of needed supplies for the class party. 

About fifteen minutes after he left, which is also the driving distance from our house to the grocery store, the phone began to ring. He sounded frustrated as he explained that he couldn't find the candy hearts I had requested. I told him to go to the holiday aisle, a direction which only served to increase his frustration.

"Peg, I am standing right in front of the Easter candy. I see bunnies and chocolate eggs. I've looked all through this stuff and I don't see any candy hearts."

Sitting at home in my rocker, I couldn't help but smile. "Scott, continue walking down the aisle to the Valentine's Day display." With that he quickly hung up the phone.

 A few seconds later it rang again.  "I found the candy hearts.  They weren't with the Easter candy.  They were with the Valentine's Day candy."  Not wanting to stymie his desire to help, I chose to not tease him for shopping the wrong holiday. Instead I reminded him that we also needed rice cereal for Timmy and hung up the phone.

Robby and I spent the afternoon assembling his Valentine's for his classmates. We decided to go outside the box this year, crafting robots out of food items. (I'm glad that he found the hearts, because putting an Easter Egg on the robot's chest would not have been conducive with our theme.) I think he did a great job with his robots, and for the first time ever no tears were shed when addressing his Valentine's for his classmates. 

Today is the party, and I know that everybody is going to have a great time. We'll have cupcakes, crafts, and a few games. (I'm sure Robby's robots are going to be a huge hit!) I still don't like Valentine's Day, but I do adore spending time with Robby planning his class party. I love that he wants me to be class mom.

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