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Friday, February 06, 2015

I'm trendy!

While I could have cared less about the Super Bowl, I have to confess to watching all of the commercials. Scott teased me by saying that I had it backwards, that I should be folding laundry and doing the dishes doing the commercials so that I could fully attend to the game. I disagree. I didn't care about either team and found the commercials the most entertaining part of the whole event. (Okay, Sheetz appetizers for dinner was a close second.)

This year the commercials seemed to be all about tugging at the heartstrings by featuring people who were overcoming great obstacles. Throwing some amputees into the mix has long been the marketer's go-to tactic, and this year's commercials were no exception. Everybody was abuzz with not one but two full commercials featuring amputees and, perhaps more important from a marketing perspective, their use of prosthetics. 

The commercials were not entirely accurate, but I suspect that only an amputee or a close family member would have known.  Robby was quick to point out that the Toyota commercial, featuring Amy Purdy hopping out of bed with her prosthetic legs already attached, was inaccurate. "Momom, she wouldn't sleep with her legs on.  She would take them off so that they could get some air. And she would also have to put her liners on first."  I realize that seeing her rolling on liners, lining up her legs before carefully stepping into the sockets would not have made nearly as sexy of a commercial but I am tickled that Robby was able to spot the inaccuracies.

After seeing the second commercial I was delighted. I couldn't help but think of new amputees, feeling alone and scared while watching the Super Bowl.  How empowered they must have felt seeing such strong amputee role models being celebrated in commercials.  I'm 40 years old, and for the first time in my life I'm finally trendy!

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