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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter Bunny Fun

So much of my mental and physical energies have been consumed with disease and death, yesterday I needed to be reminded that life can be happy and carefree as well. It was comforting to wake up with everybody under the same roof. Timmy and Robby both woke with smiles on their faces. I guess I am not the only one who has missed the normalcy of our lives. 

In the morning, before the sun warmed everything and while it was still chilly, we packed up and headed to the mall.  We were on a mission: Timmy needed to meet the Easter Bunny. (I suspect that Robby no longer believes in the Easter Bunny. Whenever the rodent is referenced, Robby includes air quotes before and after his name.) Even though my little Koopa may not believe, he played along beautifully for his little brother. 

We dressed Timmy in the same outfit Robby wore during his first Bunny encounter. I was taken aback looking at Timmy in the bunny outfit. I felt like I was looking back in time at Robby. Hair and eye color is different, but they have stunningly similar faces. 

Dressed adorably like a little bunny, we were prepared for Timmy to melt down. After all, being put on the lap of a giant furry rabbit would be terrifying for a baby. Apparently not for my baby though; he seemed to thoroughly enjoy the interaction. We set him down in the photo lounge and Timmy took off  like a flash, crawling towards his new furry friend.  The Easter Bunny, seeing a cute little bunny crawling towards him, rose out of his chair and started to crawl towards Timmy. I am so happy that Scott managed to snap a picture!

Robby in 2007

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