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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Hair Gel

Yesterday afternoon I drove Robby directly to the barber after picking him up from school. I honestly don't remember the last time he had a haircut, but I do know that he looked like a ragamuffin when he bolted out of the house with his lunchbox in the morning.. With my going out of town to visit my Dad this weekend, I wanted to knock one small thing off my ever-growing to-do list.  Thankfully getting a haircut is no longer a traumatic event, so I figured it would be easy to knock out before the snow storm rolled into the area.  (Incidentally they are both home from school again today.)

I was taken back when we walked into the barber shop.  Robby strutted up to the desk and carefully signed his name into the log. Instead of waiting for me to instruct the barber, he requested that his hair to be "epic cool and awesome, but not too short because he doesn't want to look like a punk."  Watching him walk back without giving me a second thought, I was reminded that he is growing up. He is quickly transitioning from little to big kid, and I don't mind admitting that I am not ready!

I allowed Robby to take control over his haircut, and he emerged with a completely new style. He looked so grown up, but the request for a lollipop reminded me that he is still a kid. Our days of wash-and-go style are gone because he was introduced to the wonders of hair gel.  He is quite impressed with the styling product, although I suspect we are going to have to reinforce moderation in use.

Mr. Bill came over to visit before the storm and Robby took the opportunity to unveil his new do.  Mr. Bill was duly impressed, telling Robby that he looked "smart and handsome" and assuring him that the ladies were going to love it.  "I know Mr. Bill.  Chicks dig hair gel, right?" 

Sigh.  Did I mention I'm not ready for him to grow up?

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