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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Plans Diverted

Unlike most of the working world, I was actually looking forward to Monday morning. Not because I was eager to tackle the predictable flood of beginning-of-the-week emails, nor was I excited about a full afternoon of conference calls on my calendar. The fact that I had an appointment to pick up my new leg trumped all of my work week woes.

During the past week I have been annoyingly aware of my prosthetic. I haven't been sidelined by the issues, but I could feel that slowing down would be advisable. Unfortunately, Timmy missed the memo and continued to exercise his newly discovered freedom by crawling. I just don't remember Robby being this inquisitive!

My new leg excitement was squelched by a 5 AM phone call announcing the cancellation of school due to ice. Again, the boys were ecstatic with their unanticipated vacation day. I, on the other hand, was left wringing my hands. I don't mess around with icy roads. If they were treacherous enough for school to be cancelled and the Federal Government to delay opening, I was not going to venture out to pick up my new leg. Disappointed with the change of plans, I slipped on my ill-fitting prosthetic and hobbled out to the coffee pot. 

I spent the majority of the day chasing after Timmy who seemed to be on mission to be as mischievous as possible. To his
delight and my dismay, he learned how to open cabinets. He thoroughly enjoyed practicing his newly discovered skill at each opportunity! After spending the afternoon chasing him out of the kitchen, sweeping up the chocolate chips he found and putting away the bags he pulled from the shelves, I have concluded that I can no longer procrastinate baby-proofing the kitchen. 

The weather is supposed to be clear this morning with freezing rain moving in during the afternoon. I should be able to get to Elliot's to pick up my leg. If the fitting goes smoothly, I might have enough time to swing by Lowes to stock up on baby proofing supplies. At least I'll have a project during the next snow storm is supposed to roll in on Thursday.  Have I mentioned that I'm ready for spring? 

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