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Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Hamlet!

Dear Timmy,

Happy Birthday to my super big one year old! My goodness how this year has flown by. It seems like only yesterday I was holding you for the first time, so tiny and fragile. You had to sleep on my chest in order to stay warm.  Now you are crawling around like a champion, my rough and tumble little Hamlet.

You have definitely kept me on my toes. It seems that since the moment you were born, you were ready to tackle life on your terms. From a colicky little waif who needed to be fed every 90 minutes to a determined little explorer, I have enjoyed watching you grow and learn.  You are a fighter, and that grit is what enabled you to grow into the strong little boy I hold this morning.

Your mischievous ways are going to keep me young. We love your curiosity and determination. However, I do wish you would stop munching on the kitty kibble at each opportunity. I make such wholesome food, yet you seem to prefer the cat's meals over mine. 

Little Hamlet, you are loved by so many. Even your big brother, who sealed himself in a box when he learned you were going to be born and swore that he would never play with you, adores you. He even admitted yesterday that he is glad that you are his little brother and that having you in the family is fun.

You have such tiny fingers, yet you managed to have so many people wrapped around them. Your smile lights up a room and is omnipresent. Before he passed away, your Candy Papaw suggested we do a Happy Face themed birthday because you are always smiling. The bright yellow, smiley balloons you see this morning are in his memory.  It saddens me that he won't be able to see you grow up, but know that he loved you very much. 

Tomorrow we will have your birthday party. I know that you will have fun with your cousins and, although you won't comprehend what is going on, you will be smiling and happy. After all, you are always smiling and happy!

We love you little Timmy, our precious Hamlet.  Happy Birthday big boy. I'm so lucky that I am your Momom.


**Side note.  Scott surprised me yesterday afternoon with my own helium tank because he knew I wanted to fill Timmy's room with balloons to surprise him when he woke up on his birthday.  We filled 2 dozen mylar balloons (including bright yellow happy face ones) and sneaked them into his bedroom after he fell asleep.

Epic fail.  The little guy woke up in the middle of the night, saw a slew of unidentified floating objects all around him and became terrified.  He screamed for 30 minutes while I rocked him and Scott frantically tried to capture and remove each balloon.

Oh well.  We tried.

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