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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

One Limb Per Life

Despite our best intentions, Dave (my podcast partner) and I have had a difficult time staying on track with Amp'd. I take full responsibility for the delay in recording and producing this episode. With my Dad being sick and ultimately passing away, I just didn't have the time or the energy to record.

Our absence is not reflective of a lack of passion. We still believe in our podcast and plan to use it as our springboard to discuss issues or to launch new ideas and concepts. Hopefully life will calm down and we can resume a recording schedule.

Last week we both made recording a new episode a priority, primarily because we feel passionately about the topic. The policy offered through the New York insurance exchange has a one limb PER LIFETIME cap. We discussed the history of this policy, and Dave aptly explains how this seemingly archaic insurance option made it to the Affordable Care Act exchange in the state. 

Through recording this podcast I also learned that the exchanges in Alaska and Nevada offer no prosthetic coverage to subscribers. I was flabbergasted that the community is not in an uproar over this issue.  As Dave explains in this episode, living in a state that currently offers prosthetic coverage through their exchange should not be construed as safety.  Policies change yearly and prosthetic coverage can be removed during any update.

Learning about the issues is the first step towards change.  Please take some time to listen to this recording, and to sign the petitions. Become involved. It is clear we have to advocate for ourselves.

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