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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Appointment time

In preparation for leaving for Arizona, this week has become Appointment Central. At this juncture, Timmy is the only one who is not visiting some sort of medical professional in the next four days. I know that we are going to be busy running all over the area and spending time in waiting rooms, but going to Arizona with the knowledge that these "little things" are over will be calming.  None of these doctor appointments are pressing, but they are all important to complete before the new school year.  I figured that the week before vacation was probably a good one to sacrifice. 

Today we take Robby to the ear surgeon  which is perhaps the most important appointment of the week.  He has been having increasing difficulties with his dominant ear and we need to know what is going on with him. We've been told by a nurse practitioner that his ear tube is working its way out and is somehow awkwardly stuck in his ear canal. I'm really hoping that this is the situation and that removing the tube will ease the pain and increase his hearing. 

After Robby's ear appointment, I have one scheduled for a physical.  I have a list of questions and mild ailments (a far nicer word than complaints) and I am looking forward to answers. I know that I probably won't know anything definitive today because I'm sure that blood tests will be involved. Even though I won't leave with answers, I feel like today is an important step towards feeling better.

The next few days will not be particularly fun, they will be productive. When we come back from Arizona all of the test results should be available, and I will have some answers and hopefully a plan. I don't think that anything serious is wrong, but I am tired of blaming everything I am feeling on getting older. While I'm sure that is part of the equation, I want to make sure that there isn't something else at play. I am too young to feel this tired, achy, emotional and old!

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