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Friday, July 17, 2015

Tour de Neighborhood

While yesterday was not warm enough to go to the pool, it was the perfect day to spend outside. My morning and early afternoon were scheduled with appointments, but almost as soon as I arrived home, I challenged Robby to a neighborhood bike race.  In retrospect I probably should have withheld the challenge until after I had changed out of my sundress.  As soon as I threw down the challenge, Robby was out the door, riding to gather his friend Rowan to join his team.

Before I had a chance to change into more appropriate riding attire I had two kiddos (three if you count Timmy, but in all fairness he had no idea why he was cheering) jumping up and down begging to start the "most epic" neighborhood ride. I grabbed my racing partner, strapped him into his baby buggy and strapped the helmet onto my newly styled hair.  Scott hopped onto his scooter to act as traffic cop, race judge and basic team support. In other words, he made sure the intersections were clear and carried the water bottles.

For some reason, I was feeling particularly competitive and decided not to let the kids win. I think my decision surprised them because when Scott dropped the Happy Face flag, I took off like a flash. The friends frantically pedaled after me, shouting cheers of encouragement and directions as they tried to keep up. Although not particularly helpful, Timmy thoroughly enjoyed the excitement, being part of the action, and the wind blowing in his face as we tooled around the neighborhood.  He was laughing and grinning the entire time.

I tried to temper my excitement when I reached he duck pond (finishing line) two bike lengths ahead of my fierce competitors. Okay, I do have to admit that I did unstrap Hamlet so that we could perform our victory dance in the middle of the road. After all, I had just schooled some little racers who were talking smack just an hour earlier. I deserved to gloat a little.  Of course, those who were driving by obviously missed the context of my victory dance, and I'm sure it looked both odd and boastful. 

The friends are already plotting a rematch, which I will gladly accept. I'm fairly certain that they will win the next race, not because I will allow it but because I was rather sore last night from pedaling so hard. Every once in awhile I'll put in 100% effort to win, I am reminded of my victory every time I try to sit this morning.

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