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Monday, July 20, 2015

Nana Vacation

I have been dreading today ever since I learned that I would be attending the conference in Tucson.  While I'm excited to be reunited with my friends for a few days, I know that my attending does not come without a sacrifice from my Mom. She will be watching Timmy for the week, and today is the day that I pack him up and send him to Nana's.

My Mom has been anticipating his visit by going to baby consignment shops and stocking up on toys and a small pool. I have no doubt that my little Hamlet will be spoiled, busy and happy. Between my Mom, my sister and his cousins, I know that he will be entertained and probably won't miss me at all.

Even though he won't spend time lamenting my absence, I will miss him terribly. The thought of being away from him for a week has been bringing me to tears. I suspect that I have been driving my Mom crazy by putting off scheduling the Timmy hand-off. I know that we are going to have to meet today so that she can take him to her house, but I find the thought of saying good-bye overwhelming.  Of course, avoidance only works so long and today he will begin his week long adventure at Nana's. 

As I am watching Timmy run around the room giggling, I am feeling an uncomfortable combination of sadness and guilt. Logically I know that we are doing the right thing by letting him stay with my Mom instead of accompanying us to Arizona. Timmy would be miserable cloistered in a hotel room with minimal toys and none of the comforts of home. Since this is a working trip for me, I would not be available to provide the constant entertainment he would require. 

This morning I have one more medical test, and then we will pack up Timmy and drive to meet my Mom. I know that he is going to be spoiled and happy, so I am trying not to think about how much I am going to miss him. 

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