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Friday, August 21, 2015

End of Summer

Today is Scott's first day back to work after summer vacation. Much like him, I am sad to see summer end. While the return to work also means the return to a normal schedule, which I appreciate, it also means that the carefree days of lounging by the pool and and summer fun are over. Due to a change in the school calendar this vacation break was shorter than others, but we still managed to pack in a lot of fun!

Robby has one more week of summer vacation before he returns to school. It is hard to believe that soon the house will just be occupied by just Timmy and me during the day. I'd say I was looking forward to a quiet house, but I know that my toddler Timmy has a different motivation.  He is into absolutely everything and soon my life is going to become increasingly complicated as I try to juggle working and caring for him without back-up. 

This weekend will be spent getting the house ready for the return to school. While I never claimed to be to keep an immaculate home, my housekeeping has been lax since the medicare proposal was released. When I haven't been doing something with my family I have been working non-stop on raising awareness and fighting the proposal. Laundry, dust and clutter have accumulated as collateral damage of my grassroots efforts.  (Hopefully Scott fill find something clean to wear today, but judging by the mountain of dirty clothes I'm not completely confident that he won't end up picking the least dirty shirt from the pile.)

It is going to be a difficult few weeks of adjustment as we all acclimate to the school schedule. I know that Hamlet is going to miss his Daddy and brother, which also means that I am going to become soul playmate. I'm not sure how I am going to juggle that job with all of my others, but I guess I'll figure it out! 

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